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  • Max 15 MB (mega bytes) upload per form submission.

  • One photo is easily uploaded.

  • Multiple photos may need to be sent in two forms.

  • Upload photos of your animal companions, naming their photos to ensure a proper match especially if pet special words are being added to the portraits.

  • Add the name of each animal companion, that is in this upload, to the form on the left.

MB (mega bytes) describe the amount

of memory storage an image takes up.

MP (mega pixels) is a reference to the

number of pixels in a photo at a certain

physical size. The more pixels, the clearer

the photo at larger sizes like posters. 

The less pixels in a photo, the less room

it takes up in the file upload.

4MP is the best size to send if possible.  

It allows enough pixels for me to see the details

of your photo which is essential for portrait.

If you know how to reduce / compress the

mega pixels of your larger photos,

the more you can send on one form.


Simple reference sizes:

  • 3 MP phone photo: approx 3 MB

  • 12 MP SLR camera photo: approx 12 MB

  • A reduced or compressed 4 MP SLR camera photo: approx 4 MB.

  • At 4MP, 4 photos can be sent in one form-upload.

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