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Abstract Pet Neck Ruffs™ FAQs

 Chandler, wearing 'Green Erth', in Carole's garden. London ON




Q Can my animal get their Ruff OFF easily if they catch it on a branch?

A The short answer is, yes! The Abstract Pet Animal Companion Ruff™ is elasticized, and has a good amount of stretch. Properly sized to your animal, the Ruff will come off with relative ease. There are TWO ‘ADULT CAT’ neck sizes, Slim and Regular making it easy to find the right fit. 

  • Testing to determine whether or not cats can remove the Ruff, has been completed. It seems, as easy, if not much easier for them to escape the Ruff than most breakaway collars.

  • Ruffs are available in sizes from XXS to XXXL, 10 sizes in all, to fit any animal from pet chickens to ribbon winning horses!

  • All common animal neck sizes are found on the QUICK NECK-SIZE CHART You'll also find a link to the more detailed COMPLETE  NECK-SIZE CHART there.



Q How do I wash my pet’s Ruffs?

A  Only spot wash or dry clean your faux fur Ruff. DO NOT put it in a washing machine or a dryer; the water and heat will alter the fibres' finish and structure. Read more about faux fur on the blog post 'Not so fun.. Plas-stic has really stuck itself to the world'  (Coming soon)


These washing instructions are also found on the Product order page and on the packaging wrapper.

Q How can I keep my Ruffs looking fabulous?

A Keep the fabric nap of your Abstract Pet Ruff looking fabulous by only using a cat comb, not a tight-toothed flea comb or a brush. Pay attention to the hand-sewn threads at the seam line of the faux fur; these threads can be pulled or even torn by the comb.




Q Will my animal be happy to wear the Ruffs?

A Absolutely! They don’t even seem to notice they’re wearing it. Annie, the semi-wild cat I eventually helped find a home, resisted the thing being brought toward her head. You might find a similar initial wariness.

There is almost immediately disregard for them.

Sheep, cats, dogs have all worn them, EVEN not tame chickens. Look at my sister and her daughter's beautiful photos of their happy but definitely semi-wild red hen on the Ruff page, and the (See just a hint of Jenn's protective glove while holding the hen)

The Abstract Pet Ruffs are made with your animal’s comfort and acceptance of it foremost in mind. You'll see formerly homeless, semi-wild, part Norwegian Forest cat, Annie, on my blog post 'We all stayed home and we all got animals. Do animals make us feel better?'.



Return Policy

Q Can I return or exchange my Ruffs?

A To protect the health and safety of your animal, Abstract Pet has a ‘no return policy’ for any of the studio made fabric pieces. Please make an informed decision through the FAQ's pages, and the many photos on the website's home page and on Instagram @theabstractpet where you'll see the Ruffs in action. Of course, ask me any questions below!




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