The Cover-Up™ solves an animal companion concern; how to protect our valuable furniture from their shedding with something that looks great in our interiors.


It is a double-sided warm and inviting 'shed here all day' velvet, a chameleon type of fabric that suits almost any setting; contemporary, relaxed, eclectic, or traditional. 


Humans find them equally as soft and nice to sit on. They've been used as piano bench coverings, leather sofa coverings, and act as Cover-Ups for summer feet and bare skin sitting. A much more refined look than a bath towel.


Three sizes fulfil all of your needs. See the SIZES Section below.


See the FAQ PAGE for popular questions and answers.






    SMALL: 20X22" (51cmX56cm) For One Animal

    MEDIUM: 26X36" (66cmX91cm) For One Small and One Large Animal

    LARGE: 26X60" (66cmX152cm) For Two Large Animals



    Contemporary velvet can be washed in the washing machine. It is blended with a small amount of polyester making it possible.

    Put in a COOL DRYER for a short amount of time to remove wrinkles along with your other delicate items.

    Do not put Cover-Ups in a hot dryer as the heat may 'set' wrinkles.

    Any velvet, whether 100% cotton, or a polyester blend, should NEVER be ironed.

    Care instructions are also printed on the product wrapper.



    To protect animals' health and safety, Abstract Pet has a ‘no return policy’ for any of the studio made fabric pieces.

    Care instructions warn against using a hot dryer which may set wrinkles. Velvet shouldn't be ironed.  Enjoy the many photos on the Homepage Social Feed and on Instagram @theabstractpet. 

Colour of Cover-Up
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