Imported Blue Nu Bebe

Imported Blue Nu Bebe



A Kneadie™ will bring nurturing comfort to your animal companion and, as a benefit, is a unique and beautiful accent throw for any room.


The Kneadie has a back story: several years ago, I made a luxury faux fur blanket for my daughter. The blanket quickly became a magnet for her young cat to comfortingly knead. I suspect it reminded him of his emotional connection with his mom, and I want to share this gift with you and your animal companion.




  • Imported Collection: Under the classification of luxury, this very high quality faux fur is imported by Abstract Pet, chosen for its softness, colouration and artistic value. These Kneadies are Canadian exclusives.


  • The Imported Collection use wool backs; a high quality, warm backing choice.


  • Coordinated Gift Sets: Kneadies, both, the Imported and Abstract Collections are colour matched to the Abstract Pet Portrait backgrounds and Abstract Pet NeckRuffs.


  • Care Instructions

    Spot wash or dry clean your Kneadie only. DO NOT put it in a washing machine or a dryer; the water and heat will alter the fibres' finish and structure.

    These washing instructions are also printed on the product wrapper.

    Keep your Kneadie looking fabulous by combing it using a comb, or a cat comb, (NOT a tight-toothed flea comb, or a brush).

    Watch for the hand-sewn threads at the seam line of the faux fur; these threads can be pulled or even broken by the comb.   

  • Return Policy

    To protect animals' health and safety, Abstract Pet has a ‘no return policy’ for any of the studio made fabric pieces. 

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