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A Portrait Gift Certificate: 
'Gifts for Pet Lovers'

Customizable Pet Portraits and Pet Accessories - Creative, Unique, and Chic

Your acrylic painted portrait includes: 

  • Your animal companion name(s) and special words.

  • An Abstract Pet studio-made wood frame, with a minimalistic steel stand.

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 Go to 'Customizable Portraits' to add your animal companion-special words, and redeem the certificate code at the checkout.  


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  • Imported Luxury Fur Size: 28 X 28" 

  • Imported 'Peace' silk, is non-violent and organic. Silk growers work in harmony with the insects, snipping the cocoon to allow them to emerge and continue their lives. Size: 20 X 28"

  • Vintage wool, is sourced from '70's blankets and offered as the backing choice for vintage and upcycled merch lovers. Size: 28 X 28"

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