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Gifts for Animal Lovers: Customized Pet Portraits and Accessories by ABSTRACT PET

The pets of our generation have become our family and our confidants whose licks, purrs, and head-butts are what make some days worthwhile. The things I’ve made here are for them and for you who knows the quality they’ve added to your life.

As individualistic as we are, we want the same things: connection, love, silliness, pleasant ways to be creative, and importantly, more meaning to our lives.

The contemporary things presented here that I find engaging may be equally so for you; brand-new, smile-rousing ideas inspired by those thousands of years of -who’s kidding who-? love-sick domestication.

I’ve been a painter, sewer, designer, and creator all of my life. Creativity has been my constant creed moving through the wilds of life.

Thing One.

The Abstract Pet Customizable Animal Companion Portrait™

Three ways it works for you.

1) As a fully finished gift for yourself, a busy, deserving person.

2) As a brand new kind of contemporary portrait imbued with the je ne sais quoi of an animal companion. It’s a painting with abstractee bits, hits of groovy colours, and drips.

  • A paper-media (Papier Colle’) option allows your “animal-special” personalized words to be worked into the art piece.

  • It’s completed with my hand-made, sustainably sourced, studio raw-wood frame with a ‘mid-century-look’ and a minimalistic raw steel support-stand.

3) As an affordable gift for someone else with the most popular painting-size selling for under $100. That’s a lot of custom for less than a beautiful, but fleeting armful of flowers. See the Custom Portrait Page for size options.

Thing Two.

The Abstract Pet Neck Ruffs™

Creative couture pieces expanded on from a gift I made years ago to bedazzle kitties for Christmas. You can find the Quick Neck Size Guide on the NECK RUFF page, with the full guide at The Canadian Animal Neck Size Guide. Pop it over your animal companion’s neck and reimagine it as anything you want it to be. As with everything I build and sew for our animals, the Ruffs are made with our pet’s safety, comfort, and acceptance of it topmost of mind.

Style Your Pet in Five Ways.

1) As a photo prop you’ll take it up another level to “Pet Arte”.

See the neckruff colours and read my post 'Five Faux-Fur-tastic Facts' that will tell the colourful story of how Faux Fur has come to be an iconic textile.

2) As part of a bedazzling and so-effortless gift set. They’re colour matched to the paintings and the Abstract Pet Kneadie.

3) As perfect “Nu bebe" gifts. Kittens, puppies, goat-kids, bunnies, all the bebes are even more heart-melting in teenie Abstract Pet Ruffettes

4) As a, dog-walking-or-sitting-on-your-porch with your “ruffed” cat, conversation-starter. It’s happened to me during photo shoots and I have been told the very same by people who’ve purchased them. Who hasn’t had their day brightened by a pleasant engagement with a stranger?

Match one to their coat for a designed-by-you fur-extension look. Contrast their fur colour with an artsy bold look, or match their beautiful eyes: Ruffs of many colours.

5) As a custom ruff. Ask me about Wedding Ruffs.

Thing Three.

The Kneadie™

An emotional support blanket that just happens to look great in your room.

My daughter’s ‘new kitten gift’ of a homemade faux fur blanket that became a magnet for him to comfortingly knead. Even as an adult cat he finds his Kneadie a familiar companion that always makes him happy, very likely reminding him of his former kitten-self who connected with his mom.

I recalled part of a nature show I’d watched years ago highlighting the findings of psychologist, Harry Harlow, who in the 70’s conducted experiments with baby monkeys proving the importance of the parental bond. Incredibly, scientists of the 50’s and 60’s thought monkey infants were only attached to their mothers because of the food they provided.

Be forewarned…it’s a bit sad; Read it here The baby monkeys were given two crudely built forms within their cheerless research cages; a faceless wire vessel that housed a milk bottle, and the other was nothing more than a cloth constructed shape with a fabric monkey face sewn on. The infants chose to stay with the fabric form because it offered them a pseudo emotional connection. They only used the faceless wire-made, milk-nourishing container for food sustenance, returning to their cloth monkey-parent at all other times.

We should all have access to a comfort-delivering thing. Our pets, our hobbies, our Netflix, our refined sugar…sigh. Watch the video of cute Charles, a ‘Tuxedo’ kitten interacting for the very first time with his new Kneadie.

Thing Four.

The Cover-Up™

A Dreamy Velvet Pet-Blanket that solves a ‘for-most-of-us’ concern.

We love our animal companions, their soft coats, pet, pet, pet. And we’d never want them to know this but…their beautiful coats shed all over our great furniture which of course they’re allowed to sleep on…. because we can’t stop them from doing it.

During my time I’ve lived with 10 cats. Not all at once. I couldn’t (didn’t) stop any of them from sitting wherever they liked so I preemptively covered their sleeping place with a boujee piece of matching velvet.

Velvet is soft and warm, encouraging them to “shed here all day” Check them out here I’ve made three sizes. The largest is big enough for two large dogs beside each other at the end of a queen-sized bed.

Six great plusses…

1) It ends the work of vacuuming the hairy chair before friends and family sit there.

2) It ends the work of vacuuming the bums of friends and family after they sit in the hairy chair.

3) It protects against snags, smells, and tracked-in soil.

4) It’s made from sumptuous polyester velvets in colours that coordinate with your furniture.

5) It vacuums easily, and can be thrown into your washer and dryer.

6) It can be used on top of their pet-bed, making clean-up easier and extending its’ life.

Watch the video here of Adele introducing The Cover-Up to a cat-loved office chair.

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