Column of pink faux fur pouffs

Kneadie FAQs

Peirman with his Pink Sculpt Kneadie





Q  How can I keep my Kneadie looking fabulous?

A Keep the fabric nap of your Kneadie looking fabulous by only using a cat comb, not a tight-toothed flea comb or a brush. Pay attention to the hand-sewn threads at the seam line of the faux fur; these threads can be pulled or even torn by the comb.



Q  How do I wash my Kneadie?

A  Spot wash or dry clean your Kneadie only. DO NOT put it in a washing machine or a dryer; the water and heat will alter the fibres' finish and structure. These washing instructions are also found on the Product order page and on the packaging wrapper.






Q   Are the Kneadies also colour matched to other ABSTRACT PET things?

A   Yes. The Kneadies, Customizable Portraits, and Abstract Pet Ruffs™ are mostly colour matched.

Q  Which length of faux fur is used?

A  Mid length furs are used.


Refund Policy


Q  Can I return or exchange my Kneadie?

A  To protect animals' health and safety, Abstract Pet has a ‘no return policy’ for any of the studio made fabric pieces. Please make an informed decision through the FAQ's pages, and the many photos on the shop page. Watch the video with adorable Charles the kitten meeting his Kneadie for the very first time.