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Customizable Animal Companion Portraits FAQs






Q  Can I order a painting of two pets together on any sized painting?

A   Yes. Two pets can be painted together on an 8X10" and 12X16” paint board. Another option is two 5X7” canvas's (one pet per canvas) framed  side by side in one frame.  Size options are 'quick clicks'  on any order page. 


Q  What painting size options are available for multiple (3 or more) animals?


  • 5x7” 's in framed mutli-panel grouping. Available as a square frame housing four individual paintings, or a  horizontal frame that can accommodate three, four, or five paintings. 

  • 12X16" birch panel framed. This option is for three animals only, painted on one panel.

Q   What is the most popular portrait size?

A   The 8X10” is the most popular size.

Q   What are the outer measurements of the framed portraits?

A   5X7"  (one animal)-  6 X 7 1/2"

8x10" (one or two animals)-  9 3/4 X 11 3/4"

12X16" (three animals) - 13 3/4 X 17 3/4"

5X7" Double (two animals) - 11 X 7 1/2"

5X7" Triple (three animals) - 16 X 7 1/2"

5X7" Quad (four animals)- 21 x 7 1/2"

5 X7" Almost Sq Quad (four animals)- 11 long X 14 3/4" high

5X7" Quint (five animals)- 26 1/2 X 7 1/2"






Q Can I choose the painting's background colours?

A Yes! I choose what I feel suits the photo and your animal(s) from 13 background colours that I use, but you are also encouraged to shake it up and choose a themed colour if you prefer. The rainbow background is a nice lighthearted touch for a friend or family member who identifies as belonging to the LBGTQ+ communities. Add your choice on the order page. All portraits are done using acrylic paints.















Q What are the  abstract touches?

A  I use splatters, drips, iridescent hidden signature touches, and washes of paint. I add any combination of pastel, charcoal, graphite, coloured dust, and the two options: papier colle' words and an epoxy gloss finish.


Q  Can I choose the colours of my abstract touches?

A  Almost. You can certainly suggest any abstract add-ons you’re looking forward to,  or if you have a favourite colour please let me know. I reserve the right, as the artist, to not use your suggestions in the finished piece. 











Pose Guides

Cats, Dogs, Horses, (and animals with similarly shaped heads), and Other animal companions.



Q  Do you have some suggestions for great photo-poses for my animal?

A  Yes!  Download my FREE Abstract Pet Portrait Pose Guides'.

Just sign up for Abstract Pet's entertaining and always helpful email newsletters at the bottom of any page and get your free Pose Guide.

Get quick visual sketches of poses that you can replicate, plus photo tips. 

Find poses for all the animals you want to photograph: 









Q  Can a portrait be fitted for a frame that I provide?

A Possibly. It would become a custom project since painting canvases come in particular sizes only. It would require taking the actual frame to an art store to ensure the depth and size of the frame would accommodate the canvas.

Q  Can I Order a Painting Unframed?

 All sizes come automatically framed and are presented as fully finished gifts, including a support stand.


The sustainably Canadian sourced unfinished pine frame has a contemporary feel, a simple style to highlight the focus of the painting(s).


Because the frame floats and is not physically attached to the actual painting, it’s easy to replace. 





Adding Your Pet's Name and Personalized Words (as papier colle')


Q  What are the 'pet names and personalized words' for the paintings?

A  Using a paper-media option (Papier Colle’) your chosen words are printed on a neutral paper that matches your painting then applied to the portrait in a process similar to paper-mâché.


Special words:

  • ​Their nicknames

  • Quirky behaviors

  • Your poems, haiku, prose, or verse about them


Add your special words on the order page.




Care for the Paintings and Frames


Q  How delicate are the surfaces of the paintings and frames?


  •  The Matte finish is a semi-water repellent, UV protective spray. Do not use a fully wet cloth but if something is spilled on the surface, use a damp soft cloth and approach with care.

  • The Raw pine frame has NO protective finish. Try to avoid the use of a fully wet cloth on unfinished wood; it may dry in a splotchy look. 

  • The wood will naturally darken slightly over the years.







Sending Photos



Q  What if I'm having a problem emailing photos?

A  The fewer pixels in your photo, the less room it takes up in an attachment or upload. 

 Resize ( compress)  your SLR camera photos before sending again if they bounce back. 

Mega Bytes (MB): The amount of memory storage an image takes up. An email or upload allows approx 15 MB to be sent.

Mega Pixels (MP): The number of pixels in a photo at a given size. Most SLR camera take 17 MP photos, a bit too big to send uncompressed.


  • ​Older phone photos are compressed enough

  • Newer phones can produce 17 MP photos, and may need  MP compression.

  • 4 MP allows enough pixels to see the photo details





Changes and Refund Policy



Q  Can I change my mind after I’ve submitted my payment?

A  Within 24 hrs after ordering, you can request a refund or make any changes.

Q  What is ABSTRACT PET’s refund policy?

A  Custom art works are final sales: Your abstract painted sketch is a custom portrait.  As such, refunds are not allowed. To make an informed purchase, see many examples of my paintings above, and the Homepage, as well as on Instagram.

  • Colours will always vary on monitors or phone screens. The painting colours were developed to match well with most interiors, or work well as design accents. Your portrait features a range of tints and shades of your chosen background colour.

  • When things happen: If you encounter a product defect within six months of your purchase, I will happily make amends. If shipping damage occurs, please visually record it and contact me ASAP.


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