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 Cover-Ups FAQs

  Finn, on his well-loved chocolate brown velvet, Cover-Up.




Q  How do I care for my Cover-Up?

A Contemporary velvet is manufactured mostly as a cotton and polyester blend. It can be easily washed in the washing machine.

It can be put in a COLD dryer ONLY, tumbled to remove wrinkles along with your other delicate items. Heat can set wrinkles.

Velvets of any kind should NEVER be ironed. Care instructions are also found on the product wrapper.









Sizes and Colours


Q  In what sizes do Cover-Ups come?

A   The sizes are listed here. Sketches on the Cover-Up product page show the sizes relative to animals laying on them.



 Small: 20X22” (51 X 56cm)  One cat or small dog.

 Medium: 26X36” (66 X 91cm)  One small and one large animal together.

 Large: 26X60” (66 X 152cm)  Two large animals together.



Colours: Please go to SHOP / COVER-UPS above to see the eight colour options. 




    Return Policy


Q  Can I return or exchange my Cover-Up?

A To protect your animal's health and safety, Abstract Pet has a ‘no return policy’ for any of the studio made fabric pieces. Please make an informed decision reading the FAQ's page and care instructions, and see the many photos on the shop page. 

See Leonard starring in the 'Cover-Up' Video.