A few things about me...

  • I care about people and their connections to their animals

  • When I paint animals, my style is realism with a touch of abstract in the backgrounds. A wilted amaryllis inspired my Jurors’ Choice Award for Proficiency in Acrylic at Toronto's Botanical Artists of Canada juried art exhibition

  • My parents encouraged my art all through my childhood, and nurtured my love of animals

  • I learned how to sew when I was 12 and have had something under the presser-foot ever since

  • As an adult, I've shared my life with ten cats,.. not all at once

Hand painted portraits of pets

Celebrate their companionship

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For you, your animals and the people you love

  • I paint your pet portraits from photos

Product Reviews

Custom Pet Portrait


"When I received my Peirman painting I couldn’t help but cry at how beautiful it was, and how much it looked and felt like my little kitty! Thank you so much Abstract Pet for reminding me everyday of how lucky I am to have my little boy Peirman." 



Detail view of 8X10" Animal portrait painting

 Custom Pet Portrait


'Abstract Pet took my favourite photo of Charlie and Chandler and transformed it into something more: a piece of unique art that captures their friendship better than any photo could. I will treasure this painting in my home always.'


                                 - Lily

Abstract Pet Neck Ruffs


"These ruffs are SO cute! At first I wasn't sure that my dogs would let me put them over their heads, but they had no problem -unlike putting on a harness or a cone, they didn't notice they had them on: instant style upgrade.! Perfect to give my puppies extra pizzazz!          Debra N.

Cockapoos, Molly and Abby in 'Blue Jaguar Gabor'

Size XS Regular)

The Kneadie


'Our cat Charles absolutely loves his Kneadie. It’s thick and soft making it excellent to drape over his favourite chair. As a new kitten, it was especially nice to know he had a comforting blanket to snuggle with, and knead when we weren’t around. Thank you, Abstract Pet!'

                        - Ethan 


The Cover-Up


"We have a cream coloured couch and use a couple of Cover-Ups to protect it from the cats. We put them where the cats like to sleep, and at night lay them over the arms to prevent them from scratching. The fabric is high quality and match the couch nicely. They're also good to lay under my feet if I want to put them up!"

                                                    - Kale